Monday, September 6, 2010

Faux Reals

I live by the rule that one can never look too good, and in order
to accomplish this, one must accessorize. Everyone writes articles on the perfect little black dress, but what's the perfect little black dress without the latest hottest accessory?! Here's my quick fix, every couple of months I stock up on the latest accessories, mainly necklaces, in order to revamp my wardrobe. It's easier and cheaper to do this than to buy a whole new closet. The key is knowing where to find these. I'm biased towards necklaces solely because I have long hair and earrings are never noticed and bracelets can fly under the radar, literally. On my latest necklace hunt I went to forever 21 and I picked out 4 pieces that would really change up my style. My major piece was this lace collar with diamonds and pearls pictured top left. It can be worn with high necklines or low cut tops and will spruce up any outfit along with adding a bit of an edge. I also picked out a feather piece that was under $15 dollars that will add flare to any outfit, especially perfect for Fall(top right). I have an eye for shiny things so I couldn't resist a gem necklace that when paired with a tube top dress makes the perfect Vegas outfit(lower left). Last and least, price wise, I scooped up this beaded necklace for under $7. It is being sold in all major department stores for upwards for$35(lower right). It will add the
perfect glam to any outfit or when paired with warm colors will cool down your look. These pieces are sure to be noticed and were acquired for under $50. An easy way to make an old boring t-shirt come back to life. Plus they are easy to throw on with any outfit.

k love you bye'

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