Sunday, March 27, 2011

Chips & Salsa, yes please

I'm in a craze over Mexican accessories as they seem to be the perfect flare for my every outfit. This may or may not have to do with my recent trip to Cabo San Lucas, Mex (twas very influential). I was immediately attracted to the brightly colored bowls and platware that are sold on every street corner. As my tiny apartment has wall to wall artwork I had to come up with a new way to document my travels, hence my newly acquired condiment bowls, vase and multicolored glass mugs. I found the best deal in town as I befriended the nicest lady selling her mother's hand painted ceramic, of course I bargained down and got my batch of goods for much less than you would find in any American boutique or Mexican boutique at that.

My love for the bowls then showed up in my choice of clothing. The belts add a dash of color, the necklaces a bit of ethnicity and the barrette a little touch of something different. The first belt is from a boutique in La Jolla and I got it for under $30, whilst the second belt is a simple wrap around sash, hand me down from my lovely mother. The sash can be paired with any flowy dress or shirt to master a casual beachy look. The necklaces pictured here also acquired from my favorite Mexican lady and she just threw them into the deal. I like to wear them with anything black or white to liven an outfit or something mixy matchy just for some flare. The barrette was a happy find in the Cabo San Lucas airport for $3. Who said you can't wear some worry dolls clipped in your hair?! I wear the barrette on any occasion when I want my hair out of my face, just something useful to throw in my purse for an emergency fix.

k love you bye'