Thursday, February 3, 2011

Hi Waisted! I'm In Style.

I have found Urban Outfitters to be my favorite online store, they have new items on sale everyday and their sale items are actually cheaper online than in the store. My most recent purchase came from a splurge in order to get free shipping. I picked out some things that I thought would be fun to try on and they ended up working out better than my original choices. I never thought I'd say this after my Freshman Winter Formal, but corsets are back and better than ever. I found a red, white and blue one by Pleasure Doing Business that can be paired with virtually anything. I prefer to pair it with a high waisted skirt to give it the effect of a dress. It's funkiness looks wonderful with other off the wall patterns but can also be paired with navy to achieve the preppy look.

Another simple and fresh look that I've recently fallen in love with is a crop top paired with a high waisted mini skirt. I'd say it's a new take on the 80's and a fairly inexpensive acquisition. You can find any color cropped shirt at American Apparel or if you're willing to wait, go on ebay and buy it for less.

Online shopping has an addictive personality of its own and can get quite expensive with shipping costs and returns. At least that's why I used to shy away from it. You can't tell how things fit and end up spending $20 just to try something on. Well its a good thing that there is such thing as free shipping. When an online store has a shipping cost, I just pick a couple of things out to bring the overall cost up and get the free shipping. The best strategy in doing so is shopping at a store that allows you to return merchandise to a store location. Hence resulting in excitement while waiting for your free delivery, the convenience of trying on that cumbersome corset in the comfort of your own home and returning anything and everything without paying a dime. Now this is a habit I could get used to! Also, don't forget to search for promo codes before checking out, you can usually save 10% on your purchase(yes I do this every time).

k love you bye'