Monday, July 5, 2010

Jungle Fever

I've had a very lucky week in terms of exciting finds. It looks like the summer selling season is coming to an end and I'm scoring designer items before they even leave Neiman Marcus. I chanced upon this seasons most beautiful Michael Kors mailout(one piece) cutout swimsuit, pretty much looks like it came straight off the set of Tarzan, but hey I like themed pieces. It was selling at Neiman for $270 and lets just say I found it at Marshalls for a quarter of the price. It's a one piece miracle in such that it fits proportionately everywhere (except of course the buttocks), that was remedied quick with a trip to the tailor and stitch stitch the "butt scrunch" was applied. To those that aren't aware of this little trick, I am not surprised as I learned about this technique not too long ago. If you are good on the sewing machine all you need is a little piece of elastic and a once too large bottom will fit perfectly. I have attached a picture of one of my favorite bathing suit designers that has mastered the technique and charges a pretty penny for it. Luli Fama, charges $70 per bottom, not saying its not worth it because I'm a huge fan, but you can do this to all old worn out bottoms for a new effect.
After that jungle of a find, I couldn't help but indulging in the newest Sam Edelman 'Katrice' zebra wedge sandal. I guess you're starting to pick up on my summer theme. ;) They are featured in all of Edelman's latest print adds and being sold at Nordy's for $160. As my luck would have it, they are also available at Marshalls for half the price. They are super light and comfortable and a must have for the pool, yacht, or Vegas this season.

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